Z3 Intermediate Package - Korean 3D Essence Facial Mask (40pcs)

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Our intermediate package consists of 40 pcs of 3D Essence Facial Masks:-

  • 5pcs Aloe 3D Essence Mask (for healing your tired skin)
  • 5pcs Arbutin 3D Essence Mask (for brightening your skin)
  • 5pcs Coenzyme Q10 3D Essence Mask (for improving skin elasticity)
  • 5pcs Collagen 3D Essence Mask (for improving skin vitality)
  • 5pcs Cucumber 3D Essence Mask (for replenishing moisture and relaxing your skin)
  • 5pcs Green Tea 3D Essence Mask (for revitalising and healing blemished skin)
  • 5pcs Snail 3D Essence Mask (for revitalising and relaxing damaged skin)
  • 5pcs Vitamin 3D Essence Mask (for brightening and purification of your skin)

All our masks contain NO PARABEN, which is a preservative commonly used in cosmetic products that can be somewhat harmful to our skin!