The Wubbles Adventure - Super Heroes

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If your child loves Super Heroes, this is the perfect CD! Your child will go through a fun adventure with lively music, dynamic sound effects and impeccable animation that encourages creativity and light-hearted fun. Your child's name will be heard 52 times in this CD.
Your child's name will also appear on the CD Cover, and you can choose to add a short message to the CD.
Song on the CD include:-
  1. Alert Alert
  2. Half Size Heroes
  3. Captain Courage Calling
  4. The Wubbles Song
  5. Wanda's Welcome
  6. Wanda's Workout
  7. Bubbly Beautiful
  8. Be like a Bubble
  9. Invasion of the Pop-Its
  10. Stop It, You Pop-Its
  11. The Bubbles Are Back
  12. The Bubbles Dance
  13. You Did It
  14. Half Size Heroes

Option to Add-On Songs on USB is available. If you order more than 1 CD, you can choose to add all Songs to 1 USB.

*Note: Only English Names are Available. Should your child's name not be available, we will refund your order.