Jesus Loves You

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What better way to teach a child about the love of Jesus than with religious music personalized with their very own name. This personalized Christian CD has a combination of original and classic Christian songs that say your child's name over 40 times! Children enjoy hearing their name in the songs as they learn about how Jesus and God loves them personally and will always be there for them!

Songs in the CD include:-

  1. Introduction
  2. One Of A Kind
  3. Do You Know?
  4. Jesus Loves The Little Children
  5. This Little Light of Mine
  6. John 3:16
  7. Praise Him, Praise Him
  8. Children, Jesus Loves You
  9. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
  10. Jesus Loves Me

Option to Add-On Songs on USB is available

*Note: Only English Based Names are Available. Should your child's name not be available, we will refund your order.