Fun Times Nursery Rhymes

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This fun album, features 22 Classic nursery rhymes enhanced with upbeat music, special effects, and a narrative story. These comical renditions will be a good, good time and hours of fun. Your child's name will be heard 37 times in this CD.
Your child's name will also appear on the CD Cover, and you can choose to add a short message to the CD.
Song on the CD include:-
  1. Imaginary Fun
  2. 12345, 1 Little, 2 Little
  3. Hey Diddle, 3 Blind Mice
  4. Little Pig, London Bridge
  5. Mary Little Lamb, Baa Baa
  6. Bo Peep, Boy Blue
  7. Rub A Dub, Pat A Cake
  8. Hickory Dickory, Farmer in Dell
  9. Humpty Dumpty, Pease Porridge
  10. Diddle Dumpling, Mulberry Bush
  11. Mother Hubbard, Pop goes the Weasel
  12. Muffin Man
  13. House Jack Built
  14. Imaginary Fun

Option to Add-On Songs on USB is available

*Note: Only English Names are Available. Should your child's name not be available, we will refund your order.